103z capacitor datasheet

Datasheet capacitor

103z capacitor datasheet

UF ( Ten Micro Farads) but smaller disk types along with plastic film types often have just 2 or three numbers on them? How to read Capacitor Codes Large capacitor have the value printed plainly on them, such as 10. 103z capacitor datasheet. This is a pretty creepy type of ceramic with huge tolerances over voltage and temperature. 1J63 capacitor code that is marked on top. The marking on these capacitors is 103Z.
103 ceramic disc capacitor value? Feed Through Capacitors EMI FILTER 10000PF C TYPE. Buy CT1- 50V- 2F- 103Z AN view datasheet manufacturer stock at Jotrin Electronics. CT81 HIGH VOLTAGE CERAMIC CAPACITOR Use 103z for coupling by- pass circuit. Z5U is the datasheet type of dielectric. These are read as Pico- Farads. datasheet Z refers to the 103z dielectric type. First most will have three numbers but sometimes there are just two numbers.

Now, let' s use your capacitors' markings as examples for this - here' s what I guess: capacitor # 1: 103M Z5U 2- 3KV ARC GAP datasheet KAP CHINA. Samwha Capacitor is a specialized manufacturer of Passive Components such as Capacitor Varistor, Power Capacitor, MLCC, DCC( Y- CAP), Chip Bead & Inductor, EMI Filter Supercapacitor. 10 * 103 pF = 10 000 pF = 10 nF. In case someone wants to know what is the value of a. 01uF Y5V + 80% / - 20% Tol online from Elcodis download 140- 50V5- 103Z- TB- RC 103z pdf datasheet, view Ceramic specifications. 1µF = 100nF Related Products: Capacitors. Stable and datasheet high reliability products - 25 : to + 125 : RATED WORKING VOLTAGE.

View the manufacturer stock datasheet pdf for the CT1- 50V- 2F- 103Z. Abstract: capacitor 472z 1kv 103Z 2KV 472z 1kv 472z 3kv capacitor 472z 2kv e 103z 2kv 102k 3KV 103Z capacitor capacitor 103z 2kv Text: E 472Z 3KV 66 103Z 2KV 66 Nominal Body Diameter Temperature Characteristics Nominal appearance form dimensions are within specified range. Offer PSM4F- 103Z- 10T0 API Technologies Corp from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited. for example: I have ceramic 103z disc capcitor removed from datasheet junk, how datasheet much microfarad value of ceramic disc capacitors showing 1. 103 is the capacitance value in picofarads ( pF) where this is read as 1 0 followed by 103z three zeros. 01uF = 10nF = 103z 10, 000pF.

NPO capacitors are typically used in RC networks 103z tuned circuits , other critical applications where drift free performance is required; N750 N1500 capacitors are used to compensate for positive changes due to circuit components. Ceramic Disc Capacitor 10nF.

Capacitor datasheet

Capacitor Code Information This table is designed to provide the value of alphanumeric coded ceramic, mylar and mica capacitors in general. They come in many sizes, shapes, values and ratings; many different manufacturers worldwide produce them and not all play by the same rules. TDK offers a large selection of highly reliable capacitors ranging from miniaturized MLCCs ( multilayer ceramic chip capacitors) used in smartphones and cars to large film power capacitors that are essential for power- saving energy infrastructure systems such as power factor correction ( PFC) or high- voltage DC ( HVDC) power transmission installations. 13 Disc Ceramic Capacitors General Specifications - Class II General Purpose Voltage Rating 100V and 500V Measured at 1. 3 Vrms / 25ºC Dissipation Factor. 103Z 2KVKVKV 102K 3KVKVKV 472Z 2KV 66 • This PDF catalog is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co.

103z capacitor datasheet

Therefore, it’ s specifications are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers. Category: High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Tags: 10 pf/ 2kv, 1000pf 3kv, 1000pf 3kv capacitor, 101 2kv, 101 2kv capacitor, 101 3kv capacitor, 101 pf 2kv, 101j 3kv, 101k 2kv, 101k 3kv, 102 2 kv pdf, 102 2kv, 102 2kv capacitor, 102 2kv capacitor datasheet, 102 2kv datasheet, 102 2kv аналог, 102 6 kv, 102 m 2 kv, 102 x 2kv, 102 z 3kv, 102k 2kv.